The next Saturday I decided to 'do the fix'. I figured it would take about an hour. Like usual I figured wrong. Murphy hangs out at my house a lot.

Here is the basic steps you'll need to know to get to the parts: Drain the oil into a suitable container. Once that is done put the bike on a bike jack if you have one as this will make it much easier to work on. Make sure the bike is secure and that it won't crash to the ground. Once you have the bike secured and at a suitable working level remove the secondary cover on the left side of the bike (if you were sitting on it).

This is the cover that has the gear shift linkage running in to it. To remove this cover grab an 8mm socket and remove the 4 bolts, two at the top, one towards the front and one underneath. Once the cover is loose pull it away gently and unplug the large electrical plug found underneath.

Once you have the secondary cover removed you will need to remove the clutch slave cylinder which can be seen in the picture at left. Some people have removed the lines and fluid but I didn't. Once it was unbolted I simply bunged it over the the side out of my way. You may also have to unplug a few of the electrical connectors to get them out of your way also. Once you have removed the clutch slave cylinder do not squeeze the clutch lever. If you do your going to get brake fluid all over, push the piston out and just generally cause yourself a lot more work.